Registration to participate in the 8th BID Teaching and Design Encounter must follow these steps:

  1. Among the activities of the Encounter will be organized various workshops for teachers and students.
  2. Reception of the registration identification code by the organization.
  3. The head of the training center must communicate this code to all teachers who are going to participate.
  4. Specific registration for each of the activities according to the interests of each participant (Teaching Innovation Forum, Networking, Students’ Exhibition, Workshops, etc.).
  5. Registration for the Student Sample must be made by a person in charge of the training center. Each centre will be able to participate with 4 works of its students that will have to be selected by teachers, tutors or the person in charge that indicates the formative centre.

General registration for design teaching centers

The teaching centers that want to participate in the Meeting must proceed with this registration, which gives access to the complete package of all of its activities.
– Unlimited number of auditors
– Participants with presentations/ papers from the registered teaching center (whether for presentations or for research forum and design)
– Networking
– Students’ exhibition (see more details on the Rules for the 7th BID Meeting)

NB: The participating centers must agree to the Ibero-American Manifesto for teaching and design and must therefore sign it.

Registration fees for each center: €550 (including taxes, 21%).

Deadline for registration: June 20, 2019.

General registration closed

Registration for participants in Teaching Experiences and for the R+D Forum

  1. Submission of presentations and/or quick presentations from teachers of the registered centers.

    Registration fees: free (if the center has already paid the corresponding fee.) *NB: Any participant who wants a certificate or an individual qualification shall pay €25.

  2. Submission of presentations and/or individual and quick presentations. This term of registration is addressed to teachers whose centers are not registered in the Meeting, and gives the right to present a single proposal of presentation/papers.

    Registration fees: €150 (including taxes, 21%).
    Registration fees for DIMAD´s partners: €75 (including taxes, 21%).

    Deadline for registration: June 20, 2019.

    NB: All communications will be evaluated and accepted by the Meeting admission committee.
Teaching Experiences registration closed

Student’s Exhibition registration

It is open to students who are currently studying design, regardless of specialty, and to those who graduated in year 2015 or thereafter. It is also open to postgraduate students in those same conditions, given that their training center is already registered in the BID Meeting.

The works may be individual or collective but each group or student can only submit one work (the number of participants per group remains unlimited).

Registration fees: free (if the school or the university has already paid the corresponding fees of the general inscription)

Deadline for registration: June 20, 2019.

Terms and conditions of the 2019 bid_est bid_est registration closed

Workshops Registration

Among the activities of the Meeting, several workshops for teachers and students will be organized. Some will be free and others will require registration fees.

To learn more about workshops, you can consult all the information here.

Registration Workshops

Among the activities of the Encounter will be organized various workshops for teachers and students. Some of them will have a registration fee and others will be free of charge.

All the information will soon be available here.

Registration will open soon.

Auditors registration 

Attendance of the conferences, the presentations or other activities is free of charge. Certificates of completion will be provided on request. In order to obtain one, you must complete the registration form, pay the corresponding amount and during the day of the corresponding activity, you should ensure that you sign the attendance register in the DIMAD office, otherwise you may address the partners/organizers of the event.


While completing the registration form from the web platform; you may select payment by means of bank transfer or online payment, with a Visa card or a Master card. The financial expenses and bank charges will be covered by the person who makes the payment. If the option chosen is by means of bank transfer, once completed the corresponding electronic voucher must be sent within 4 working days following the enrollment date. You must send this voucher to this mail address only: Any form sent without a proof of payment or without having paid the total costs (including bank charges) will not be accepted as a registration for the Meeting.

    • Concept of transfer / amount / payment: Surnames, First name / Name of the School_University/ 7º Encuentro BID de enseñanza de diseño.
      Ex. Escobar Pérez, Alicia / Escuela de Arte nº 25_Madrid_España_7º Encuentro BID_2017
    • Account holder: Fundación Diseño Madrid.
    • Address: Paseo de la Chopera, 14. 28045 Madrid España
      Account number: CCC 0049 2666 71 2514508391
    • IBAN:ES9100492666712514508391

Cancelling conditions

The deadline for cancelling any registration is June 20th, 2019, with the reimbursement being 50% of the application enrollment fee. This is to cover shipping costs. As from the date stated, the cancellation of registrations will not be possible and no refunds of any type will be made.

To ask for the reimbursement, you will have to send a written document signed by the person concerned to the following address:, attaching a copy of the proof of payment for the enrollment


Certificates validated by DIMAD and by the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid will be delivered.

Shipping of certificates

Once the Meeting has ended (and only at that time) the certificate of attendance will be sent by email and, as the case may be, the corresponding certificate of conducted presentation (presentation certificate/ paper).


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