University of Caldas
Manizales, Colombia

Tenured professor and researcher of design and new media in the Department of Visual Design of Caldas University, Colombia.  He co-founded the Visual Design program, he was director of Department and professor in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. Director of the research group DICOVI, coordinator of Laboratory Virtual Environments (Media Lab), ViveLab Manizales (in agreement with the Ministry of TIC), LASO-Laboratory of Cultural Entrepreneurship of the Coffee Region (in agreement with Ministry of Culture), Digital scenes and Incubator of Cultural Companies. For 16 years, he has been director of the International Festival of Picture, coordinator of post-degree Online in Medical Arts, imparted in the University of Chile, the National University of Cordoba in Argentina and  the University of Caldas. He also organized Las Muestras Monográficas de Media Art. He has published several books, like his doctoral thesis: “Interfaces of Virtual Communities “, “Landscape and new territories –on the internet” (with the editor house Anthropos, Barcelona, Spain).

University of Caldas

University of Caldas is a public institution located in Manizales, Colombia and created in 1943. The University is consolidated as an institution that leads cultural processes transforming and enriching the daily life of citizens in the region and the country, through programs and projects about Design, Visual Arts and Scenes, Music and Literature.

Programs like the doctorate of Design and Creation, the Masters in Design and Interactive Creation and the International Festival of Picture, all of these are unique spaces that the university leads as stages to meet and discuss about the last trends of design and technology in Colombia and Latin America.