The Bauhaus movement with Walter Gropius was a interaction between poesy, know-how, intuition and technology. In the same way art and craftwork gathered in Bauhaus, design and craftwork intertwine everyday in all scenarios of consumption and life.

This make us wonder:

  • How are construction and imagination, perfection and craftwork in the current teaching models? Are they focused on details and passion for materials and technology?
  • What new approaches are appearing since digital creation and the use of new technologies?
  • Do our pedagogical models promote an innovative design that fulfills the most high aesthetical requirement?
  • What are the old abilities that design training must leave behind and what are the new ones?

If Bauhaus is associated with functionalism, that’s because it built itself over an array of complex and contradictory values, reaching the emphasis of craftwork and self expression:

  • Is the propaedeutic structure of the preliminary course of Itten still in force compared to digital creation zoomed out of the exploration of materials and forms?
  • Do we need to generate knowledge and not representation with the practice of design?

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