The Governing Council of the BID Meeting is a working group created to facilitate the conceptual and operational themes of the BID Meeting 2017.

Members of this council are design professionals, each with international experience, and with wide-ranging skills in teaching Design in their respective countries

The members of the council are the following:

Marisela Ávalos

Mónica Herrera School
El Salvador

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Graduate in Graphic Design from the University Dr José Matías Delgado in EL Salvador. Fullbright Intern with a Masters in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois in Chicago, and a Masters in Graphic Design and New Technologies, having studied her undergraduate in Graphical Design at the University of Illinois. Teacher for the program Gallery 37, with Graphic Design speciality. She is the director and professor for the Strategic Design degree at the Mónica Herrera School of Communication  in El Salvador. She has her own design studio where she is consultant in Graphic Design and Editorial Design for Salvadorian organizations and companies.

Félix Beltrán


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Graphic Designer and artist. He is an honorable fellow of the Fundación Diseño Madrid. Head professor at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de Mexico and guest professor at the University Altos del Chavón, Dominican Republic. He is an international adviser for the International Conference of Design, Mexico DF, and an International Liaison in Mexico for the Type Directors Club, New York, and National Delegate of Association Typographique Internationale, Paris. In 1988, he founded the Archivo de Diseño Gráfico Internacional, Latin America’s first exhibition on international graphic design.

Teresa Camacho

Univ. Anáhuac

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Graduate in Graphic Design from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM), specialist and Master of Design in New Technologies. She studied psychology of advertising at the University Complutense of Madrid. Her works have been presented during national and international exhibitions, including the International Mail Art, Elite International, Festival Cervantino, Graphic Intervention and Fun-Fan, among others. Since 1994, she has been freelance, with her participation standing out in 1995 as a collaborator for Coordination of Design for Graphic Communication at UAM, as well as her permanent work since 1993 for Félix Beltran and Asociados.

Manuel Estrada

Executiv President of the BID

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Designer. Founder and President of the Fundación Diseño Madrid (DIMAD) and Executive President of the Iberoamerican Biennal of Design (BID). Specialized in graphic design, he stands out in the field of editorial and corporative design. His studio was the second to receive the AENOR Certificate in Quality Systems (ISO 9001 norm) and in Environment (ISO 14000 norm). His works have been emphasized by institutions like the Cervantes Prize, Alianza Editorial, Fundación Repsol and numerous book covers of El País newspaper. He has been awarded several prizes and distinctions like the Laus, AEPD, Art Directors Club of Europe and recently the Good Design Chicago 2014. He is a member of the Council for Artistic Teaching of Spain,

Manuel Lecuona


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Lecturer in Design Management. Teacher of Design Engineering in ETS, on the official masters in Design Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV). Founder of the IGD – Group of research and design management (UPV). Director of the Trendhal designspotting observatory of trends. Manuel Lecuona is coordinator of the Design management module, of the degree with the same name, at the Foundation of the UPC. Visiting teacher at the La Havana University (Cuba); EAFIT Medellín University (Colombia) and masters in Strategic Design at the Valparaiso University (Chile).

He is also external consultant in Design Management at the Barcelona Centre of Design (BCD) and at the PRODINTEC Technologic Centre. He collaborates with organisms like CANACINTRA and AFANJL (Mexico), CATEM Technologic Centre of wood (Bio-Bio Chile), CETELEM bank (Spain y FEDERHABITAT (Spain).

Delfina Morán


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Doctorate from the University of Malaga and graduate in Fine Arts (specializing in design) from UCM, she finished her studies in Graphic Design and Art Direction in Kunstacademie Van Beeldende Kunsten in Rotterdam (today called Willem de Kooning Academie).  She began her professional career in 1990 as a designer of multimedia interactive systems. From February 2002 to December 2014, she combined this labor with research and teaching in the European University of Madrid, as the course designer of the design studies program in this university and academic coordinator for its implementation. She has lead exhibitions and is author of diverse articles about design, education and diffusion. Today, she is director of Art and Design in ESN, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, which is part of University Camilo José Cela and which offers university degrees in fashion design, product, interiors, graphics and video games.

Currently, she is director of art and design at the ESNE, Design, Innovation and Technology University School, a centre attached to the Camilo José Cela University that have university degrees of fashion, product, interior, graphic and videogames design.

Oscar Pamio

Costa Rica

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Architect and designer, graduate of the University La Sapienza in Roma, Italia. He has acquired a wide-ranging professional and international portfolio not only as a design advisor, but also as a consultant on the European Union and United Nation Projects (UNDP) for the development of design capacities in several countries in Southern Asia, the Mediterranean and Latin America. In Costa Rica, he founded and led the undergraduate course on Industrial Design at the Technologic Institute of Costa Rica. Later, he was the director of  the Design School of Products in the University of Veritas, which he also led from its opening from 2002 to 2010. Today, he is academic dean in the University of Veritas. In parallel, he is a freelance professional.

Sergio Peña


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Industrial designer. He has been dean and vice rector of the undergraduate course on Industrial Design. Now he is rector of Instituto Superior de Diseño ISDI de la Habana, where he himself graduated from. Masters Degree in Management and Innovation in Design, Doctorate in Management in Design from the University of Valencia, Spain. As a professor and a professional he has developed courses, projects and advised on Design in Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain and Venezuela. He has been recognised with these awards Premios Anuales de Diseño de la Oficina Nacional de Diseño of Cuba and el Reconocimiento al Mérito from the Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Superior Education of the Cuban Republic.

Ignacio Urbina

Pratt Institute
Venezuela, EEUU

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Diseñador industrial, especializado en Biónica por el Laboratorio Brasileiro de Design Industrial y Máster en Ingeniería de Productos por la Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina. Fue diseñador e investigador en el Laboratorio Brasileiro de Design Industrial en Florianópolis. Fue Coordinador de Diseño Industrial de la Secretaría Nacional de Diseño y Arquitectura y Director Prodiseño – Escuela de Comunicación Visual y Diseño, en Venezuela. También, fue miembro fundador de la oficina de diseño Metaplug y coeditor de Objetual, web especializada en diseño. Ha coordinado el Equipo de Diseño de Dispositivos Museográficos para el Pabellón Andino Amazónico en Japón, Aichi 2005. Ha sido director de Diseño en múltiples proyectos de productos y objetos y profesor invitado en universidades nacionales e internacionales. Actualmente, Urbina desarrolla proyectos de forma independiente, es Editor de y Profesor Asociado en el Departamento de Diseño Industrial de Pratt Institute, en Nueva York.

Anabella Rondina

University of Buenos Aires

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Graduate in Industrial Design from the University of Buenos Aires, postgraduate in strategic management of design, design and projects management in the same university, and in the University of Milan. She developed her professional activity in the Metropolitan center of design of Buenos Aires from 2002 to March 2016, being since 2011 manager of the institution, a post she reached through public competitions. She is currently director of the undergraduate course in industrial design at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in the University of Buenos Aires and director of the postgraduate in strategic management of design – design and projects management in the same university.

Oscar Salinas


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Industrial Designer, and doctorate of Architecture. He dedicates himself to professional practice, teaching and academic management, as well as research. Currently he leads the Postgraduate Program in Industrial Design at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). He was president and founder of Colegio de Diseñadores Industriales y Gráficos de Mexico, secretary of the Latin American Association of Industrial Design and vice-president of Academia Mexicana de Diseño. Since 1994, he has worked in and founded Comités Interinstitucionales for the Evaluation of Educación Superior in Mexico (CIEES), in the area of Architecture and Design.

Francisco Providencia

Universidad de Aveiro

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Diseñador industrial. El diseño y la poesía son sus principales medios de expresión. Profesor invitado de la Universidad de Aveiro en el Departamento de Proyecto en Diseño (1997-2007). Desarrolla actividad docente en la Facultad de Bellas Artes (FBAUP), en la Facultad de Arquitectura (FAUP) y en la Licenciatura de Diseño en DECAUA. Providência abrió su estudio en 1985 y ha sido premiado por su desempeño profesional con el Premio Nacional de Diseño en las áreas de Comunicación, de Producto y de Ambiente del Centro Portugués de Diseño.


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