This exhibition aims to bring together 50 projects of young talents from schools in Latin America, either recently graduated or at the beginning of their careers. Those selected will be able to present and defend their work during the program of activities of the 8th BID Meeting, achieving a wide diffusion through it.

Obtaining the degree and the milestones of the postgraduate stages are usually defining moments in professional life. In these processes, designers spend a particularly important amount of time reflecting from a disciplinary perspective, seeking to connect with their interests and defining their areas of specialization. From these unique periods arise projects that challenge society, discipline or generate new visions of existing problems. Other times, they are the cause of radical disruptions that can change the way in which companies and society use and understand design. Sometimes misunderstood, sometimes overvalued, these projects are always a breath of fresh air about professional activity. For this reason, in this 8th Teaching Meeting we believe it is opportune to generate an event that acts as a summary of the worries, concerns and great achievements of these young design talents.


The shorter and shorter life cycles of technologies and products, extensive global competition, the ephemeral link that consumers and users establish with companies and institutions, the increasingly open innovation processes, decentralized management with local focus and global ambitions and the certainty that we live in a world with limited resources, have challenged design professionals to become involved in solving complex problems that exceed the specificity of the traditional fields of our discipline, and appeal to a disruptive way of addressing, thinking about, and resolving them.

By virtue of this, the intention of this space is to promote creativity and innovation, through specific cases where good practices in synergy (R&D) + (i+d) and in the relationship between university- and/or company and/or public sector and/or beneficiaries, function as pillars.

The exhibition aims to showcase 50 outstanding students, showing their proposals already developed or in the process of production, representing the interaction between schools, institutions, companies, and the communities in which they operate whose broad orientation takes into account sustainability, development, design for all and social innovation, addressing the specific problems linked to today’s complex society and proposing innovative solutions.

For all the above reasons, the 8th BID Meeting generates in its structure a support platform for the most innovative projects, the result of which can be implemented through its own enterprise or by private and/or public organizations that provide financial support and social capital.

The Jury

Renowned professionals of the sector will help us in the search, selection and evaluation of the projects that will form part of the exhibition.

Meet the jury here

How to participate?

The BID advisory committee and the governing council of the BID Meeting will collaborate in the search and selection of proposals in the different countries convened. The different training centers or the interested parties themselves may send their proposals to

In order to evaluate the proposals, the e-mail must contain the following basic information:

  • Name of the work
  • Contact details (Name, email and telephone)
  • University or training centre to which the development of the proposal is or was linked.
  • Research centre, institution or company where appropriate.
  • A short description of the project (between 5 and 6 lines).
  • Year of development.
  • A link to audiovisual material (videos, images, presentations, etc.) illustrating the proposal presented.


Once the finalists have been selected, the organization will contact the contact indicated in the information to request additional material through an online form.

Deadlines and prices

Deadline for receipt of offers: May 31, 2019 June 20, 2019
Exhibition date: opening November 20, 2019 until the end of December 2019.
Place: Central de Diseño / Matadero Madrid.

Price: free of charge, offers may be sent free of charge to


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