The bid_est, Students’ Exhibition, is inviting Ibero-American professional design teachers and their centers to the collective Latino-American, Spanish and Portuguese design exhibition, which will include the best works made by their students, around this year’s main theme and its 6 main cross-cutting themes:

  1. Design for people, social development and a multicultural world
  2. Educate, train, qualify and specialize for new technologies
  3. Teaching positions regarding the binomial tradition/modernity
  4. Talent and craft, prerogatives of design in today’s context
  5. Design products and services for a complex and disruptive context
  6. The Bauhaus legacy also in Ibero-America


The Students’ Exhibition (bid_est) is an important event in the area of design, regarding the promotion and dialogue between students, professors, professionals, and design education institutions, and also between institutions and companies.

Bid_est is a meeting which reflects the way training centers interact with new changes in the academic world, such as the paradigm shift in the teacher-student relationship, in which the concept of autonomous and collaborative learning tends to become essential.

Bid_est is a place of thinking, analysis and debate between teaching and design developed in diverse training centers. It will present the current panorama of Ibero-American design, with particular emphasis on the students’ immense potential and on the interesting context of development of the Ibero-American design.

The Students’ Exhibition seeks to promote among training centers the idea of design practice closely related to the notions of progress and improvement of living conditions, by working on social innovation themes with an inclusive approach.

It is a place where teaching and design developed in diverse training centers will present the current panorama of Ibero-American design, with particular emphasis on the students’ immense potential and on the interesting context of development of Ibero-American design: research and innovation projects — completed works or prototypes — which enable new and distinct levels of professional skills related to the production system of their respective country.

The exhibition acts as a physical place of synergy and creative benefit, as a place for the expression of young talents and as a forum which compares ways of acting and their results.

The Jury

A jury composed of renowned professionals, academicians and companies in the area of design will consider the submitted works and will give the prizes for each category. As they are authorized to do so, they will proceed to a rigorous evaluation— through an online gallery — of the works submitted, as per the rules.

Meet the jury here

The 22 participating countries

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

11 Major prizes

They will reward seven prizes and its mentions, one for each category:

– Design of space and interior
– Industrial design / product
– Graphic design and visual communication
– Design of fashion, textiles and accessories
– Digital design and multimedia
– Design of services
– Integral | transverse | interdisciplinary design

They will reward four prizes and its mentions, corresponding to the following cut-crossing themes:

– Design for the development
– Design for all
– Design and innovation
– Design and sustainability

Terms and conditions of the 2019 bid_estStudents' Exhibition bid_est 2019 registration closed

Deadlines and prices

Registration deadline: May 31, 2019 June 20, 2019
ate of the exhibition: November 20, 2019
Place: Central de Diseño / Matadero Madrid


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