The BID Meeting is a platform for reflection and debate of the Latin American community of Design Teaching Centers, convened by DIMAD within the framework of the Ibero-American Design Biennial (BID).

Its activities are organized in different formats: communications, workshops, networking, conferences, workshops for teachers and design students, exhibition of student works, visits to training centers in Madrid, among others.

General objectives

A. Reflect on and discuss teaching of design in a scenario in constant change where traditional educational models are not sufficient.

B. Locate, disseminate and promote development of quality teaching innovation lines.

C. Investigate educational paradigms and their current validity. Philosophical orientation and social and methodological consequences.

D. Analyse and share the contents of design training and modes of participation by analysing the role of Universities and Schools as generators of knowledge.

E. Promote public policies on design in Ibero-America as an engine of economic development.

Specific objectives

A1. Identify the shortcomings of the study programmes of the different Ibero-American centres.

A2. Comparative analysis of the different training offers in design in Ibero-America.

A3. Map out the design system of training and specialization in different training centers to identify the stakeholders of the academic system of degree and postgraduate.


B1. Compare new fields of acting and new forms of collaboration and co-creation.

B2. Contribute in creating critical thinking and in professionalizing the teaching work to have stronger and more cohesive cloisters.

B3. Consolidate and create networks to promote the exchange between professionals, schools, universities, associations, promoting centers, institutions, companies, etc.


C1. Promote in the training centres the conception of the practice of design closely related to the progress and improvement of life.

C2. Make known and spread new forms of production and entrepreneurship linked to the profession of designer.

C.3 Compare and spread local models of pedagogical innovation.


D1. Exchange experiences and training models that shore up the knowledge and practice of design as a solution for the environment, responding to current issues in an innovative way.

D2.  Spread, through Student Exhibition, work borned out of good practices in design, methodological innovations, collaborative projects, cases of synergies between training centres and companies, offers that show a responsible design for a constantly changing environment.

D3. Encourage the use of new technologies and unconventional materials to enable designers to work in unique places that were exclusively the domain of specialists.


E1. Share strategies to bring the culture of design closer to society.

E2. Reflect and debate on the design of the future and the institutions. Strategies and perspectives are the aims of public and private administrations and institutions.

E3. Bridge the gap within a vast region -the Ibero-American region- with a wide scenario of action and growth.

Who can participate?

The 8th BID Meeting on Teaching and Design takes place through a call opened to all the Ibero-American training centers. Lecturers, students and design professionals as well as companies and institutions linked to the sector are invited to participate in its teaching activities.

When is the Meeting?

The BID Meeting will be held November 20-22, 2019.

Other dates to keep in mind:

Deadline for registration general call: May 31, 2019 June 20, 2019
Deadline for sending communications to the Teacher Innovation Forum: May 31, 2019 June 20, 2019
Deadline for sending work to the Student Sample bid_est: May 31, 2019 June 20, 2019

Communication acceptance of communications: July 15

Exhibition Sample of students bid_est: from November 20 to the end of December.

Where is the Meeting?

The BID Meeting is organized at the Central de Diseño – Matadero Madrid (Madrid, Spain). Some activities take place in training centers and design studios throughout the city.

The figure of Madrid, which takes advantage of its idiomatic and geographical advantage, its vocation as a welcoming place with a significant cultural dynamism, has set itself up as a bridge city and starting city for all the editions of the IDB Meeting and the Ibero-American Design Biennial.

How can I participate?

– As a training center


Training centers will be able to participate in all the activities of the Meeting. They have to make a general registration which gives them the right to participate in every activity.

Once the general registration has been completed (see + info), each training center will receive an identification code. The training center representatives will be able to use it to register for free in the Teacher Innovation Forum, the Student Exhibition, the day of networking and other activities framed by the 8th BID Meeting.

By participating in the Meeting, the training centers become part of the network of BID centers and also, if they wish, sign the Declaration on the teaching of design.


– As a teacher or professional


If your training center is registered you will be able to participate:

  • by sending a communication to the Teacher Innovation Forum and making an oral presentation (see + info)
  • as a listener in the Teacher Innovation Forum, conferences or other activities,
  • in workshops for teachers and professionals,
  • and networking.

If your center is registered, you must have the corresponding identification code. Ask for it.

If you participate as an individual (your training center is not registered) you will be able to participate:

  • in the Teaching Innovation Forum, paying the fee for participation (see + info).(ver + info).
  • and as a listener in the Teacher Innovation Forum, conferences or other activities (free of charge).


– As a student


As a student you will be able to participate:

  • in the Student Sample (the selection and registration must be made by the training center to which you belong to see + info)
  • as a listener in the Teacher Innovation Forum, conferences or other activities (free of charge),
  • and in workshops.


– As a general public


You will be able to participate as a listener in the activities organized in the Meeting depending on the seating capacity.


Most of the activities require previous registration and their forms will be enabled as the program is announced. The registrations that are open to date are:


All registration forms must be submitted online.


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