Wednesday 25_10.00 a 13.00


Cubo, Central de Diseño




20 people

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Coordinate: Fabricio Santos and José Real

This workshop proposes a teaching activity for the participants to experiment the process of digital creation of a tridimensional object in two directions:

  • One that will go from the digital design of an object that after will be physically fabricated with a 3D printer and/or cutting machine,
  • Another one that will go from the scan of a real object that will be digitalized to be manipulated afterwards on a computer via a software of tridimensional modeling.

The participant is supposed to discover new digital processes of fabrication that will be useful in the phase of creation of tridimensional objects, using simple tools that can be found currently in the Laboratories of Digital Fabrication.

Recipients: Teachers and design students

Material that the participant needs to bring:

  • Computer with software of tridimensional modeling: Autodesk 123D Make (free) or Rhinoceros preferably (testing version or student version are free).
  • Bring a digital file of an exportable tridimensional model of simple geometrics

Bring a real object of simple geometrics to be scanned.

Fabricio Santos
European University of Madrid


Fabricio Santos

Architect for the European University of Madrid and doctorate of the programme of Transversal Studies of Architecture and Urbanism of the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He is director of the department of Design, Art and Digital Content at the European University of Madrid, where he teaches digital fabrication in postgraduate, he participates in research projects and has worked with various architecture, urbanism and design studios, specializing himself in rapid prototyping and digital fabrication.

He also directs the FAB LAB UE, graduated in international program of rapid prototyping FabAcademy and is founding member of CREFAB, Spanish Network of Creation and Digital Fabrication.

José Real

European University of Madrid


José Real 

Architect for the European University of Madrid and graduated at the FabAcademy in 2016, FAB LAB coordinator at the European University, he collaborated as a teache in the Master of Digital Fabrication at the UEM in 2017 and in various researches related with the University. He participated during two consecutive years in the AA VisitingSchool Madrid, being the second class receiving a scholarship from Philips. He worked during the graduate in various studios and concourses. During two years, he worked for INGOS studio, including a 3-month stay in Paraguay for the realization of different projects.

Passionate by design and digital fabrication, which is a discipline more and more chosen, and connects with every other one, being a good meeting point for future researchers.