This is a space dedicated to training centers, presenters, speakers, institutions and companies participating in the “Working Groups Meetings” or “Speed Dating” programs. It encourages agreements, conventions and common works between training centers.

The BID Meeting aims to provide the participating organizations with a common space, to get closer to other forms of training and to share common interests.

Networking is an activity which responds to the demand of the vast majority of participating centers. It favors highly enriching environments for all. These exchanges, formally organized and specifically aimed at these centers, encourage dialogue and rapprochement to make them effective.

The form of the meetings is flexible and dynamic, through quick meetings between 2 or 3 persons from different centers which are participating in the 2017 BID Meeting and from the institutions and companies invited by DIMAD or that have previously expressed their interest in participating.

NB: The BID Meeting will also organize one-time visits to design schools and universities in Madrid, which are DIMAD’s partners and are part of the organizing committee. These visits will be scheduled according to the availability of the centers and in accordance with the participants’ interests.


The persons who would like to participate in these activities will have to fill-in a registration form online, along with a document which will include the profiles of the participating centers. In this document, the following information will be needed: what the center wants to share, the corresponding profile of the area or department, who would participate, etc.

The registered organizations must express their interest in meeting others so that a schedule can be made. The meetings will not exceed 10 minutes and will enable the organization of possible future private meetings.

NB (1): We recommend the persons who would like to participate in the networking be authorized representatives of the center.
NB (2): Those who are not registered in any of the activities of the BID Meeting (neither individually nor through their training centre) and who would like to participate in the networking activities must ask the organization for a link to complete an admission questionnaire. They must write to the following mail address:

The registration form will be available once the period of general registration is over and once DIMAD has the complete list of participating centers. Approximate date: August 31st.