Teachers have to act more and more as catalysts between students and their environment, by linking the two of them and generating a synergy in real situations. Professors are now teaching systems, networks and working environments design, in addition to “visual” design.

These kinds of activity act as a platform for the exchange of ideas, projects and training models related to design, through dynamic and multi-conference working groups, leading to ensuing discussion. Among these groups, which are organized around the thematic areas of the 2017 edition, elements such as facts, educational and/or classroom experiences are used as new ways of teaching innovation: curricula and corresponding professional profiles; training models based on the development of professional skills; training models based on entrepreneurial management; graduates’ profiles, the industry and society´s needs.

Admission committee

An admission committee will consider and select the presentations that teachers, students, postgraduates, doctorates, researches, institutions and companies may submit by registering online.

Learn about the people who made up the previous Exhibition’s admission committee here.

The individual or collective abstracts selected for oral presentation will be gathered by the admission committee into several groups, according to the thematic areas of the 7th BID Meeting.

NB: The representatives of DIMAD´s partner schools, the members of the governing council, of the scientific committee and of the advisory committee act as coordinators and moderators for the working groups.

Rules for the presentations

  • Proposals for the oral presentation can be submitted by sending an abstract which must be between 200 and 500 words long, in the official format of the Meeting. You can download the mandatory format here.
  • Once received, the abstracts will be reviewed by at least three members of the admission committee.
  • The BID Meeting´s organization will inform the presenters whether their projects have been selected or not, once they have been considered by the admission committee (see the dates related to submission and evaluation).
  • Each author registered in the Meeting can only submit one presentation.
  • An author can submit their presentation by registering for the 7th BID Meeting individually or through their institute.
  • A certificate indicating selection of the presentation will be sent to each author. The names of all the authors will appear on each certificate.

    Selected presentations

    The selected proposals will be presented orally. Each presentation should not exceed 8 minutes and will be followed by a debate. The moderator and the group will decide whether this debate shall take place after each presentation or after all of the group´s presentations.

    Procedure and format for the submission of the abstracts

  • All the abstracts must follow the official format of the Meeting.
  • Two documents will be needed to register: the first must contain all the information and contact details of the authors as well as all the references, and the second must be anonymous, neither mentioning country nor city nor authors nor institutions. This document must be named with an 8 digit identification code, consisting of the first letter of the first name, the first letter of the first last name, and the contestant’s date of birth in two digits, without separation or hyphens (e.g. JB120388).
  • You have until June 30th to register.
    Individual registration fees (if the institute is not registered): €150
    (including taxes, 21%). Certificate included.

Teaching Experiences registration form