Tuesday 24_15.30 a 20.00


Taller Matadero




30 people

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Coordinate: Daniel Wolkovicz

Development of a theoretical introduction on the state of the book, in relation with designers, editors and market. Dynamics of work in groups will be created, from reflections raised during the initial discussion.

Will be analyzed:
The role of the cover
Criteria of collection
Strategies trans-medias to diffuse the book

Watchword: production of 3 covers for a determined thematic collection, establishing coherent characteristic with pre-determined strategies.
Objectives: Understand the actual status of the book, immersed in the multiplicity of digital Medias, proposed by the market.
Recipients: advanced students in graphic design, graduates and professionals.

Material that the participant needs to bring: cell phone, computer or tablet. Magazines to cut and stick to make collages. A4 cardboard, scissors, cutter and glue.

Daniel Wolkowicz
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Faculty of Arquitecture, Design and Urbanisim


Architect, University of Buenos Aires. Teacher of Graphic Design, Faculty of Design and Urbanism  at the University of Buenos Aires. Commercial consultant. Ex director of the graduate in Graphic Design and ex vice dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, at the University of Buenos Aires. Teacher at the Maimónides University and at the University Institute of Art (IUNA).

Daniel Wolkowicz: “One of the duties of teaching is to develop the unprecedented”.

He is director of the graduate in Graphic Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the UBA, besides being one of its founders. He is also academic coordinator of the graduate in Multimedia Arts at the University Maimónides, and is teacher in these universities as well as in the National University of Litoral, the National Institute of Art and the ORT University, Uruguay. Furthermore, he is categorized researcher at the UBA and director and the Design Library of the Argonauta Editorial. He gave conferences and lectures in various universities in his country and outwards.