Tuesday 24_15.00 a 18.00
Wednesday 25_11.30 a 14.30


Aula, Central de Diseño




20 / 25 people

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Militant Design. Graphic manifest

Militant (adjective and substantive): one who militates, fights, takes sides in the defense of a party or a cause, who combats for something, who defends actively a cause or an active movement. Design can be used not only to “solve problems” but also it can infer in social processes, create reflection and influence actions. The designer, whether he wants it or not, is a political agent once his/her work participates in the social metabolism, is related with actions of consumption, educative processes, direct political actions or initiatives of cultural incentive. Keeping in mind that no design can be neutral, the ideology from which it is designed is decisive in the scope and the appreciation of the object designed. For that reason, knowing the impact of his/her professional practice, the conscious designer can and must assume his/her social responsibility. The “militant graph” generally is in the streets, mixed with urban art, in different forms: posters, stickers, grafitis, paint on buildings and usually walks by the side of civil disobedience, a lot of times in a clandestine way and occupying extra-official space, prohibited.

What are you starving for? Starting with this sentence, which is also a verse of a Brazilian song, the proposition of this workshop is in the partisan-political beliefs. It is about creating graphic pieces of any format or technique, but feasible with the conditions of the workshop. Themes for creative development emanate from social values: that incentivize peaceful coexistence between people, diminution of violence, inclusive society for classes, ethnicities and genders, respect of human and animal rights, citizen participation in policy-making, environmental protection, respectful commercial practices. The emphasis is in the promotion of a critical, conscious and ethic design.

Design student of any discipline (not necessary graphic design)

Material that the participant needs to bring
10 A4 sheets of paper or similar (for draft), pencils, pen, 2 A2 sheets of white or black cardboard (or one of each), various papers for collage, glue, scissors, stiletto, ruler and other materials of the participant preference (inks, markers…). Computer (optional).

Ruth Klotzel
Infinit Studio (Brazil)


Architect and graphic designer. From 2003 to 2007, she was vice-president of the International Council of Graphical Designs Associations (ICOGRADA).

During 12 years, she was professor of Design Visual Communication at University Center Senacy, which is part of the Foundation Armando Alavres Penteado (FAAP) in Sao Paulo. She co-founded in 1989 the Association of Graphic Designers of Brazil (ADG-BRASIL) and was the director during four periods. She was a fellow of the Design collegiate body at the Council of Public Politics of Brazilian Ministry of Culture in 2013 and 2014. Now, she is a fellow of the Chairmanship of the Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño. She also takes part in the editorial board of Communication Design, publication of research about Design at the Ico-D (International Council of Design) and she is the director of the design studio Estudio Infinito.