Wednesday 25_15.30 a 20.30

Aula, Central de Diseño


Until seating capacity is reached

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Free Entry

coordinates: Teresa Camacho and Teresita Suárez Bautista

The activity consists in packing one’s favorite object, solving the structural and physical part of the package, applying one’s design knowledge. The importance of design as an integral discipline will be explained and a package will be developed, from the analysis of the object to the communication, its presence in selling points and the packaging waste. Students will work in groups of two and it is essential that every student bring their favorite object. The aim of this workshop is to develop holistic thinking to give a more adequate solution to a packing problem, to analyze other ways of solving problems and to present solutions and strengthen collaborative work.

Recipients: graphic and industrial design students

Material that the participant needs to bring: an object to be packed, sheets and draft material, colored pencils, pens, as well as cardboard for the dummy, cutter, glue and papers.

Teresa Camacho
Anáhuac Querétaro University, México


Graduated in Graphic Design at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), specialist and teacher of Design and New Technologies. She studied psychology of advertising at the  Complutense University of Madrid. Her works have been presented during national and international exhibitions like the International Mail Art, Elite International, Festival Cervantino, Graphic Intervention and Fun-Fan, among others. Since 1994, she is a freelancer, emphasizing in 1995 her participation as collaborator of Coordination of Design for Graphic Communication at UAM, as well as her permanent work since 1993 for Félix Beltran and Asociados.

Teresita Suárez Bautista
Anáhuac Querétaro University, México


Industrial designer and teacher in Administration at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. She is coordinator of the graduate in Industrial Design at the Anáhuac Querétaro University and independent designer with projects for Grupo Pampas, Ooxcorp, Ecoscent, Artistic Flame, the government of the state of Querétaro, Panelfisa, Kern – Liebers, among others.

Designer in Corporative design (Dicorp) with MDI. Manuel Alvarez Fuentes, Querétaro. Collaboration with in the project of the transports company Estrella Roja.