Carlos Valladares

University of San Carlos in Guatemala
Colonia Santa Rosa, Guatemala

Architect. Dean in the Faculty of Architecture, part of the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. Specialist in urban, rural and regional planning; strategic planning for sustainable and integral development; land management; environment and management of risk for prevention of disasters, human accessions and housing; consultant.
Tenured professor in the Faculty of Architecture which is part of USAC and professor in INAP, University of Valle and University Rafael Landivar. He has written several publications and research projects. Vice-President of Central America of Union of Schools and Faculties of Architecture, UDEFAL. Representative of Guatemala in Architecture area of the project Tunning América Latina (2006-2007). Founding member of the Central American Agency of Accreditation ACAI (2005-2006). Founding executive of High school of Art of USAC (2006).

University of San Carlos in Guatemala

In the Academic Unit of the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, person in charge of ordering and producing knowledge, forming creative professionals in the fields of architecture and visual design with ethical, awkward and competent, and which have specialties proposing solutions to problems facing society in this area; serving in this labor field with excellence and discipline for the good of culture and the improvement of planning, organization, spatial development and visual communication.

Reflections of Carlos Enrique Valladares as Scientific Comitee