José Manuel Allard

Pontifical Catholic University
Santiago, Chile

Graphic designer, The Corcoran School of Art + Design, Washington DC, USA; Masters in Graphic Design, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Los Angeles, USA; Doctorate of Industrial Design and Multimedia Communication, Polytechnic of Milan, Italia, where he was also professor and researcher in the Visual Communication unit

Director of  the School of Design UC, professor and researcher of projects like the updating of information system to users of Transantiago. His researches have been published in reviews like Information Design Journal (IDJ), Graphic Line (Italia), ARQ (Chili), among others.

Pontificia Universidad Católica

School of Design UC is part of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies. Located in the Lo Contador campus, in Provindencia. There, design is seen as an activity in creativity and production of services to people. Focused on interaction between human beings and their environment. The educative project of School of Design UC aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and to the improvement of quality of life of its citizens by means of contribution to society of very competent professionals, with ethical positions, capable of bringing value to the productive national chain.

School of Design UC, as one of the oldest in Chile aims to train integral designers of pre and post-degree to be able to set up complete projects, help in strategic planning of companies and institutions in the public and private area and implement solutions of design with high degree of conceptual and formal development. The school promotes interdisciplinary and humanist thought of the students, promoting their critical and innovative spirit, with social conscience and vocation of service, in order to help to the country’s progress. With this complete education, they will be able to solve problems, to detect, to formulate and to manage design opportunities in any area of strategic interest.