São Paulo, Brasil

Alécio Rossi is a teacher of communication media and design, author of the dissertation “Communication is a code of brands in the contemporary culture” defended in the Faculty of Architecture, Art and Communication of the UNESP (São Paulo State University). He’s a specialist in furniture design.
Graduate in Letters and Visual Arts at the UNESP and the School of Communication and Arts of the University of São Paulo. He is a designer and teacher responsible for the development of new graduation courses in the fields of Communication, Arts and Design in the University Center Senac of São Paulo – National Service of Commercial Apprenticeship, where he implemented courses of Graphic Design and and Visual Communication. He is a teacher in the department of Arts of the Pontificate Catholic University of São Paulo. He is a consultant in corporate identity and in special projects of communication and design.

Senac São Paulo

It is a non-profit educational institute of a particular nature, with 59 units in the State that offer an extensive program of courses from basic qualification to graduates, conferences, congresses and seminars.

The awarded catalogue of the editor Senac São Paulo strengthens the performance of the network, with publications directed to the labor world, culture and the technical-scientific knowledge.

The hotel-schools Senac Grande Hotel São Pedro and Grande Hotel Campos do Jordão ally their style of commercial operation to the enabling environment for the training of professionals that stand out in both Brazilian and international markets.

The portfolio of Senac São Paulo includes very distinct areas and emphasizes the importance of social development, and tries to establish alliances and carry out projects that stimulate the inclusion and citizens.

Its actions in the teaching are also directed to the corporate sector, providing this audience a personalized program, as well as training, consulting, publications and distance learning.

Reflections of Alécio Rossi as Scientific Comitee