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Coordinate: Andrea Saltzman

This workshop propose to work in the building of a project narrative from the possibility of connecting different game authorities, approximation and reflection relating to body, clothes and space. The idea is to exercise the decentred gaze that discovers behind of what is presented as obvious. With quick and simple games, we will begin to perceive that the possibility of making a project process as a narrative process. We will base our work on actions, photographic collage reports and projections to give rise to the emergence of propositions as a collective work. The objective public of this activity are professionals, teachers and fashion design students.

Andrea Saltzman
University of Buenos Aires, Argentina


University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Professor and researcher in the graduate of fashion and textile design at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires in which she is also professor of design. As a pioneer, she started to teach this subject in 1989, and this created the graduate. Responsible of the creation of the first technique in production of fashion, depending on the Secretary of Education of the government of Buenos Aires (1998) and of the launch and education of the teaching team, from 1998 to 2001.
Visiting teacher in several universities of Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay and within Argentina.

She is an architect, graduated from the FADU UBA with a formation in contemporary dance, plastics and textile. Her doctorate treats the project process of fashion, considering it as a living membrane of articulation between the subject and the world. Author of the book “El cuerpo diseñado, sobre la forma en el proyecto de la vestimenta” (The designed body, about the form in the Project of fashion), (Paídos, 2004).
She realized numerous exhibitions and performances relating to the work in fashion in numerous museums like the Fundacion Proa, the Cultural Center of Recoleta, Malba, the Gral San Martín Theater and the Architecture Museum of Bs. A., among others. She is part of the evaluating commission of the Seal for Good Design of the National Plan of Design, of the Minister of Industry.