Wednesday 25_12:00 a 14:30_Introduction
Wednesday 25_15:30 a 20:30_First part
Thursday 26_10:00 a 14:00_Second part
Thursday 26_15:00 a 21:30_Third part and conclusions


Taller Matadero




70 people

Organized by:




Coordinates: Ana Angulo, Luis Conde and Maria Luisa Walliser

Currently, the world is upside down, we face natural disasters, wars and political and economic situations that generate emergency situations for millions of people.

At the 7th BID Meeting of teaching and design, we think design could do its bit to make these situations a bit more bearable, creating elements thought to help people in these harsh circumstances.
In this intensive workshop, that is framed into the conceptual proposal of the BID Meeting and its thematic axis, we will unite international designers, teachers and students from all disciplines to elaborate a kit that covers the basic needs generated by these types of situations, in a quick and efficient way: a space where to spend the night with furniture that helps resting, a package with nutritive aliments that are easy to consume, coats that protect from inclement weather, a signage that facilitates the obtention of help and information. Multidisciplinary groups will work jointly in a shared space on a concrete them, in an intensive way.

Objective:  create an emergency kit that includes the following elements:

  • Space for shelter
  • Furniture
  • Package of first needs: food, drugs, toilet…
  • Garment to isolate from inclement weather
  • Signage

Ana Angulo
Artediez School, Madrid


Doctor in Fine Arts. Teacher of technology applied to design and head of the promotion and development department in Artediez ( Organizer of the Meeting of design and digital culture, EDCD (

She gave lessons in the graduate of graphic design and Higher Education of the same specialty, of master in Design in TRACOR (Institute of Arts and Communication) and she directed thesis of the design specialty in the IED. As an habitual collaborator of the Madrid graphic design studio “Tú estás aquí” (You are here), whose activity, apart from realizing graphic developments, focuses on direction, consulting and web and research development, as well as in themes related with culture and free design.

Within the educational setting, she realized projects related with free graphic, she collaborated in the launch and diffusion of a work station about free graphic ( in Medialab Prado and she co-coordinated interdisciplinary projects of design and photography such as: CASUALWAR in Matadero Madrid, F10 Jornadas de fotografía or the design workshops KM13 in the Central del Diseño or the Summer school Artediez.

At an artistic and personal level, she participated in interactive social projects such as, developed within the setting of in Medialab Prado and her last project is Metros Cuadrados de Sonido (Square meters of sound) in Intermediae, along with the Audiovisual platform Netlabel addSensor.

Luis Conde

Superior School of Design, Madrid


Doctor in Creativity applied to didactics at the UCM. Graduate in Fine Arts in sculpture (UCM). Graduate in Restoration and Conservation of Works of Art (UCM). International Certified Consultant in Creative Problem Solving (CPS) for the “Creative Education Foundation” of the Buffalo State University of New-York. Master in web graphic design (UCM). Master in Arts and Technology applied to Communication (Tracor Arts School). Certified in Consolidation of Creative companies (DDi+EOI+DiMad). Certified Art Direction and Publicity Making (School of Creativity, Communication & Visual Arts of Wesleyan University).

Graphic Designer and Teacher of Graphic Design projects

He is currently teacher at the Superior School of Design of Madrid. Teacher of projects and Design Services (Master of Interactive Design at the ESDM) and Teacher of projects at the graduate in Graphic Design (ESDM). Teacher in Graphic Design in the Master of Corporate Communication and in the Master of Communication Graphic Design (TRACOR+CEU San Pablo). Internship Coordination in the Graduate in Graphic Design (ESDM). Organizer of the Meetings of Design and Digital Culture (EDCD).

Maria Luisa Walliser
Rey Juan Carlos University


Architect for the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM). Master in Restoration and Conservation of Architectonic patrimony.

She is currently Coordinator of the Graduate in Integral Design and Image Management; and teacher since 2006 in the graduates of Integral Design and Image Management and Architecture Fundamentals, giving lessons of graphic expression and ephemeral and interiors architecture projects.

Co-responsible of the launch of the Learning Service program in collaboration with the Tomillo Foundation and Comillas University related with Pradolongo with students from graduates of Design, Architecture and Fine Arts.

Her professional, teaching and research work has always been developing between architecture and design, both in their broadest sense.

Her teaching and research work focuses on communication and diffusion of the Architectonic Patrimony and new languages and technologies at the service of representation, communication and creation of architecture. One more time, between graphic communication and built environment: narrative, communication and contextualization of architecture and Patrimony through graphic tools, graphic identity translation to built environment.

Until the year 2012, she worked in and for companies and architecture studios at both national and international levels, directing and developing architecture projects, rehabilitation and interior design. Cofounder, partner and responsible for the Architecture field in cubo-3 , company of Architecture, Design and Communication.