Thursday 26_09.30 a 14.30


Cubo, Central de Diseño




35 people

Organized by:




Coordinates: Laurent Ogel and Lula Capriel

In this workshop, we will approach in a practical way orientation and training with methods and tools, and we will study real cases in which design was, and is, key to achieve responsible and sustainable entrepreneurships. The dynamics of the workshop will allow us to learn to conceptualize and prototype a business. Know the keys for a curricular design that incorporate notions of entrepreneurship and intra-entrepreneurship.

The objective is to impulse entrepreneurship as an access path to labor market through business and/or company creation. It passes through a profound knowledge of personal competences and abilities, capacities to adapt oneself to change, assume risks, overcome the barriers on the pass, communicate; enhance creativity, ambition and aspiration and above all arm them with tools that will empower entrepreneurs to rely on their creativity, passion and force of their values, these are some of the pillars on which a program on support to entrepreneurship must rely on..

Recipients: teacher, senior academics, design students, future and current entrepreneurs of the creative industry.

Material that the participant needs to bring: ideas and opinions.

Laurent Ogel
Director of Praxxis, Spain


Engineer and industrial designer. As a social innovator, he directs and designs inclusion and equity projects with social organizations and socially responsible companies. In the past years, he designed methodologies that foster actively the entrepreneurship abilities of men and women with functional diversity. He directs entrepreneurship programs and gives lessons in various design and business schools in Europe and Latin America. Partner of Dimad, member of the Spanish Association of Mentoring and Consulting (AMCES), partner of the Association of companies Triple Balance Sannas. Director of Praxxis, center of social innovation and technical assistance in administration models, social entrepreneurship and Critical Design Management. Praxxis pursues fundamentally Strategic Design and 4.0 Design, being part of a large network of experts in Social Entrepreneurship and companies Triple Balance.

Lula Capriel
Municipal Center of Entrepreneurship, Guatemala


Coordinator of the design program in the support platform for entrepreneurs at the Research Center in Innovation of Indigenous Trade in the Municipal Center of Entrepreneurship. Founder of the 89 Co.Design Studio, cofounder and director of the culture and design program of Equinoccio, movement for the promotion of a peace culture in the infantile and juvenile sector of Guatemala.

Graduated in Industrial Design, she has a master in Design Marketing and a specialization (diploma) in Management of projects of local development. In other words, a creative mind in constant rise, passionate by design.

She participated in collaborative social design projects with entities like the Municipal Center of Entrepreneurship, Ventana a la diversidad (UNESCO) (A window for diversity), the minister of Economy of Guatemala, ICDF Taiwan, among others.

Coauthor of the design manual for the support project for the MIPYME in Guatemala 2013. Co-creator of the project “Caja Mágica” (Magic box) for Ventana a la diversidad, design replicated in countries like Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Indonesia. Creator of the workshop as methods “Designers get on with it”, creative and imaginative workshop for children, “Design and Strategy” of the program for entrepreneurs of the Municipal Center for entrepreneurship. Mentor in social design and product design for the project “Manos empresarias” (Entrepreneur hands) of the Rafael Landívar University and Mission of Taiwan.

The Municipal Center of Entrepreneurship is a program of the municipality of Guatemala, created to improve the quality of life of the citizens, by means of research and consulting in entrepreneurship and innovation and intended for dynamic entrepreneurships in early steps (0-5 years). It functions with a collaborative and discovering method, applied to 3 fundamental axes: market, design and management.