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Design as Markerspace: laboratories for social transformation

Felipe will talk about how to explore the new productive and participative models in the knowledge building in Design, based on the intersection with science, arts and technology. As rector of the University of Caldas as well as Head of the International Image Festival, he knows the transversality required to handle nowadays the culture of the project. He will talk about this and a bit more in his presentation. As a reference figure, he will tell us what is going on in the interactive field, the digital culture field and how the academy moves forward along with the society in this field that is always vanguard.

Information, knowledge and culture are central to human freedom and  human development. The way in which they are produced and they exchange in our society critically affect the way we see the state of the world as it is and as it could be.

 BENFLER, Yochai. The wealth of networks. How social production transforms markets and freedom, 2015
Recent experiences carried out by designer, artist, software developer and engineer collectives make possible the observation of complex reinterpretations of local realities, from critical perspectives that take universal referents into account but at a local level. The networks represent nowadays a new form of understanding the processes of knowledge building within the framework of an interactive process that links the global with the context.

In the 21th century, the project activity is linked directly with interactivity, the immateriality of artworks, networks, open standards, augmented reality, among other processes that invites designers and spectators to explore and carry out systematic research regarding the new relations between design, arts, science, technology and society. In Ibero-America, experiences highlighted liked the ones that were carried out by academic institutions and independent organizations generate space for dialogue and develop projects that reinterpret a complex reality in sociopolitical fields, searching for new ways of understanding culture, through a creation supported by the networks. Since 1997, the Department of Visual Design of Manizales, Colombia, organizes one of these spaces for dialogue: the International Image Festival, a meeting about digital culture that achieved throughout its 16 editions to establish an international network of institutions, researchers and creators who exchange every year experiences and knowledge. This is why it has become an event of international relevance and academic reference in design, art, science, and technology.

The Festival tackles leading-edge topics that integrate various disciplines, shared knowledge and social and environmental problem areas that invite to critical reflection towards the medias and the current communications. In its last editions, the Festival has coordinated with international events of huge relevance.

Felipe Londoño
Universidad de Caldas, Colombia


Londoño is a well-known teacher and cultural manager who leads the International Image Festival, a meeting about digital and visual culture, now in its 16 year (since 1997), organized by Visual Design Department of Caldas University in Manizales. This year, he participated in the electronic art symposium, the most important in the international context, ISEA2017. As rector of Caldas University, Londoño endowed the institution with a proactive profile that actively integrates it to the range of activities of the city in which it is, favoring the links with other international institutions and position it as one the best qualified university centers in the region thanks to its formative proposal.

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