Tuesday 24_17.00 a 20.00


Terrario, Intermediae




25 people

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Coordinate: Ana Urquilla

Facilitators: Marisela Ávalos and Ivette Chacón

In this workshop, participants will experiment the strategic design process to discover how, focusing on the needs and preferences of the user, to achieve building original solutions.

After a general introduction to the disciplinarian field and its methods, participants, as part of multidisciplinary teams will follow all the steps of the process to conceive a cell phone application that solve an unsatisfied need, pain or unexplored  motivation of a specific segment of users.
Strategic design is a renovated vision of design that moves the discipline from its traditional fields of action to focus on the search for integral and sustainable answers to the complex problems of the present. It tries to impact in a transversal manner in the institution, using its processes in a strategic way to power up the decisions in all the organizational chain, achieving its objectives at a short, medium and long term.
It relocates the habitual focus of tangible product design to management of innovation and approaches problem solving within the organization to produce transformations focused on people. Its application results in tangible and intangible products betting the creating of value for the different stakeholders involved.  Its ultimate aim is to excel in organization within the current competitive markets.
It is based on a structured and systematic model through which we can get to know the needs and desires of different stakeholders to transform these inputs in new commerce opportunities. Follows a process composed by stapes of research, ideation, prototypes, implementation and evaluation of results. Its nature is flexible, moldable and iterative for the stapes to follow the order that better responds to the challenge, adapt itself to nature of the organization and the different contexts where it is used, and repeat as many times as it is necessary to obtain the best results. Through its stimulation of creativity, its perspective focused on the user and its approach to reduce risks via continuous testing, it offers new ways of building economic and human capital.

Ana Urquilla

Director of Syncros, Laboratory of stratégic Design, School of Comunication Mónica Herrera (El Salvador)



Director of Syncros, Strategic design Laboratory and academic director of the graduate in strategic design: corporate competitiveness through sustainable innovation (CDE), both projects of the Monica Herrera Communication School (ECMH), Salvador. She graduated in Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art and at the University of New Mexico and she got a Master in Leadership and Academic Improvement for Higher education Institutions at the University of Alberta.  She collaborates with interdisciplinary teams to design educative projects that publicize Strategic Design as a way of approaching complex Salvadoran problems. Since 2009, as a university teacher, she assists a great variety of students’ projects that beneficiate public and private bodies, as well as nonprofits. As the director of the CDE, she guides multidisciplinary teams of professionals in the search for solutions to innovation opportunities.