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Collaborative models. Craft/Design

Craft is a production resource that adds to the objects a technological and cultural identity. Design arises from the separation between idea and execution. Execution begins to be industrial and craft production ceased to have relevance on the products of mass consumption. It was considered that industrial fabrication prevailed because of the price of craft production. We tend to think that industry gave a secondary role to craft but didn’t eliminate it. Indeed, the first designers saw in craft an opportunity to reflect on ethical and quality questions. Since then, craft had this unrecognized role of being an instrument for innovation and reflection within the design field. If we begin to enumerate the infinity of designers that worked with craft resources over the history of the discipline, the list would be as extensive as relevant. Design has used industrial resources for mass consumption products but continued to use craft resources in the field of creation. On the other hand, craft continued to be used in the production of some sectors, the ones in which technological evolution didn’t have created a breaking with tradition. I am referring to sectors like furniture, ceramics, glass, metal, leather, textiles… These sectors in which craft work had recognition as a differential fact, facing a production merely industrial. The craft finishes of an industrial product are considered as a plus in quality.

Martín Azúa
Studio Martín Azúa


Martín Azúa is a Basque designer who works in Barcelona since 1994. He combines his professional activity as a space and product designer with a more speculative work. He belongs to a category of designers that considers experimental methods as the fundamental part of the design process. Among his most famous projects is the “Casa Básica” which, since 2007, is part of the permanent collection of the New-York MOMA, the medals of the 2003 Barcelona World Championship of swimming.

He’s particularly interested in the integration of natural processes in the quotidian life and the use of craft resources to safeguard the technological and cultural diversity.
Recently, he presented an edition of products realized in collaboration with small workshops and craft.

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