Wednesday 25_15.30 a 20.30

Aula, Central de Diseño




20 people

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Coordinate: Felix Beltrán

Brand is one of the principal mean of graphic design, and one of the most diffused. Its current presence is deficient because it does not correspond to counterpart of the needs, in short.

The class will provide the fundamental concept to the participants, as precise and stratified definitions of the needs and objectives, as well as means of agreement with the clients. Some beliefs without basis about the brand will be clarified, to obtain satisfactory results that are in accordance with the established aspirations and where everything should be within its function.

Recipients: graphic design students

Material that the participant needs to bring: a brand considered deficient, computer

Felix Beltrán
Autonomous University 


Graphic Designer and plastic artist. He is an honor fellow of Fundación Diseño Madrid. Titular professor at Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico and visiting professor at the University Altos del Chavón, Dominican Republic. He is an international consultant of International Conference of Design, Mexico DF, International Liaison in Mexico of Type Directors Club, New York, and National Delegate of International Typographic Association, Paris. In 1988, he founded the International Archive of Graphic Design, first exhibition of international graphic design in Latin America.