Does general registration by training centers (design schools and universities) give the right to participate in all of the 7th BID Meeting´s activities?

Yes, general registration through centers gives access to the full package of activities: students´ exhibition, teaching experiences, research and design day, conferences, networking (exchanges forum for centers and speakers) and enables the centers to sign the Manifesto/Declaration on teaching. It allows teachers, students or professionals to participate, provided that they are linked to the training center which is registered in the Meeting.

Once the center has been registered, who can participate in the activities?

Students, as well as teachers or other professionals who are part of the academic environment of the registered center, can participate in all activities, whether they are speakers or auditors. It should be noted that each center can only submit four students’ work for the Exhibition and that each person can only do one presentation.

If the center is already registered, do I have to register for each activity I want to participate in? Do these specific registrations have a cost?

Yes, once the center has been registered (general registration), you must register individually for each activity you want to participate in, without additional cost. Since this registration is individual, it shall be done by each person who wants to participate in an activity. To do so, you must use the registration code that you can obtain from your center, otherwise you may ask for this code by writing to this address: If you are participating in the Students´ Exhibition, the registration must be done by the person authorized by the center, which will choose the works that will be displayed in the exhibition.  If the presentation submitted for the R+D Forum or for Teaching Experiences was written by more than one person, it shall be mentioned in the remarks section of the corresponding form.

Once the center has been registered, where can I find the code that is needed to register for activities?

Once the center has been registered and the payment has been done, the corresponding voucher will be sent by email. In this voucher, you will find a transaction ID (TY…). This ID is the code you need and which must be given to any professional or student who wants to participate in the activities, which are therefore free.
If you have not received the voucher or if you cannot contact the department which registered, you can write to to ask for the code. The codes will only be sent by this email account.

I am a design student but my center has not registered for the 7th BID Meeting. Can I participate? Can I submit some of my works for the Students’ Exhibition?

A student cannot individually submit works for the Students´ Exhibition.  You can only participate through a registered training center. However, you can participate in any of the conferences for free. You can also attend presentations and the research and design day.

How many works can be submitted for the Students´ Exhibition?

Each center can submit up to four works, related to any category (graphic, fashion, product, services or interdisciplinary design).

How many presentations can be submitted by one center?

There is no limit for the number of presentations for each center, however all of these must be considered by an admission committee.

How many presentations can one person submit?

One person can only submit one presentation.

I am not a design student, nor I belong to this academic environment, but I would like to register. Can I participate in the 7th BID Meeting?

You can participate in the activities or in the workshops which will take place in the Central de Diseño de Matadero Marid during the opening week of the 7th BID Meeting, or attend the working groups meetings and conferences as an auditor only. You can consult the schedule of the event.

Do we have to be registered in the 7th BID Meeting to attend the conferences?

No, conferences are free activities which are open to the public. You only need to register if you want a certificate of attendance. You have to come to our office to ask for a certificate.

Do we have to be registered in the 7th BID Meeting to obtain a certificate of attendance for the conferences, the workshops or other activities which will take place during the event?

You do not have to be registered in the 7th BID Meeting to obtain a certificate of attendance. You only have to come to our office and to complete the corresponding form to obtain this certificate. It will be sent by email once the Meeting has ended. You shall pay €25 (management fee) to obtain a certificate.

My center is registered in the Meeting and I am going to participate as a speaker or as an auditor. Can I obtain an individual certificate?

  • Participants from training centers who want to obtain an individual certificate, whether of attendance or participation, have the right to do so. This is free of charge.
  •  The cost is included in the registration fee for individual participants (if their center is not registered) who want to obtain a certificate of participation.
  • Auditors who are not registered (and whose center neither is registered) can ask for a certificate of attendance for which they shall pay €25.