Felix Beltrán

Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico
Mexico DF, Mexico

Born in La Habana, he lives in Mexico, Mexico DF. Graphic designer and plastic artist, he is a fellow of honor in DIMAD. Tenured professor in Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico and guest professor in University Altos del Chavón (Dominican Republic). He is an international adviser of the International Conference of Design, Mexico DF, International Liaison in Mexico of Type Directors, New York, and national delegate for the Association Typographique Internationale, Paris. In 1988, he founded the File of Graphic International Design, the first collection of graphic international design in Latin America.

Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico

The degree of Design of Graphic Communication offers a complete formation, with theoretical – practical foundations that support and sustain integration in the work field of design of communication, as well as in the graphic printed production and multimedia. The study plan is flexible and orientated to experimental and innovative learning of young students through experiences of design. Workshops are a fundamental part of the processes of education – learning. In these, courses such as digital photography, analogous and digital prepress, 2D and 3D animation, are given, and even serigraphic printing and offset among others.

The future designers of graphic communication, within four years of studies, will develop the capacity of conceptualization, analysis, planning, leading and creating products, applying avant-garde technologic knowledge, which will allow them to join the work market as recognised professionals