Fernando Martínez

University School Center of Design
Montevideo, Uruguay

He is a graduate of Visual Arts from the Faculty of Arts and Forest Agricultural Engineering from the Faculty of Agronomy and University of the Republic, Uruguay. Post-graduate in Faculty of Engineering which is part of University of Buenos Aires. Graduate of High Studies in Design and of Research and Advances Studies of Design. Graduate of Research and Advanced Studies of Landscaping in University BIOS of Paraguay. Scholarship holder from the government of France and the Sectorial Commission of Scientific Investigation Research of University of the Republic, in the context of a research project for Collège International de Philosophie in Paris. Author of several publications, like the renowned “La condición Horizonte”.

University School Center of Design

Founded in the mid 80s’, and called Center of Industrial Design, dependant on the Ministry of Education and Culture, it joined the university already in the 21st century. It is a leading institution for the training of industrial designers in Uruguay. Nowadays, it is carries out research projects in the discipline, such as further training for graduate professionals in Industrial Design, with product design and fashion textile as specialties.

Reflections of Fernando Martínez as Scientific Comitee