Heitor Alvelos

University of Porto
Porto, Portugal

Heitor Alvelos is a teacher of Design and New media at the University of Porto, and he contributed to the implementation of the Discipline of Research in Design in the Portuguese context, as a member of the Scientific Council of the Foundation for Science and Technology, and as Director of the ID+ (Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture) in the University of Porto.

He developed I&D in the area of the UT Austin-Portugal program for the Digital Media since 2006 and is currently its National Director or Outreach. Still in the UT Austin-Portugal program, he directs FuturePlaces, medialab for citizens since 2008.

University of Porto

With origins dating back to the 18th century, the University of Porto is currently the major education and research institution of Portugal.

Around 31.000 students, 2.300 teachers and researchers and 1.700 employees that are not teachers frequent its 15 schools and 69 units of research, divided into three university poles localized in the city of Porto.

With 14 faculties and one business school, the University of Porto offers an exceptional variety of courses that cover all the levels of higher education and all the big areas of knowledge. In fact, with more than 700 education programs (from bachelor degrees to PhDs, going through continuing education), the University of Porto has teaching solutions for everyone.

The excellent qualification of the teaching staff (76% of the 1.920 teachers and researchers ETI are doctors) ensure the high quality of the education at the University of Porto, and makes it the Portuguese university most desired by applicants for higher education and the favorite university of students that have highest scholar qualifications. Every year, more than 2.000 foreign students choose the University of Porto to complete their education.

Reflections of Heitor Alvelos as Scientific Comitee