Humberto Valdivieso

Catholic University Andres Bello
Caracas, Venezuela

He has been recognised with the award for research CDCHT-UCAB (2009) and curator of the designer Santiago Pol for the Venezuelan flag during the 51st Bienal of Venice, among others design exhibitions.

Fellow of the editorial team of the Communication Review. He participated in the writing of following books: Is Art Global History? byJames Elkins; Official Catalogue of the 51st Bienal of Venice, Practices and Voyages of Communication in Latin America, About Semiotic Culture,  Venezuelan Cartels written by Santiago Pol and Rolando Peña: El Barril de Dios.

He developed I&D in the area of UT Austin-Portugal program for Digital Media since 2006 and is currently its National Director of Outreach. Still in the UT Austin-Portugal program, he has led FuturePlaces, a medialab for citizens, since 2008.

Catholic University Andres Bello

The Center of Research and Humanistic Training in the Catholic University Andre Bello is dedicated to the production and spreading of knowledge with an interdisciplinary dimension. It gathers different knowledge from the Faculty of Humanities about speaking, in an experimental way, between the lines of research. Design has its own place in Visual Culture, a line that works like a theoretical-practical laboratory favorable for checking visual communication as aesthetics, a practice and a strategy favorable for innovation and social transformation.


Reflections of Humberto Valdivieso as Scientific Comitee