Ignacio Urbina

Pratt Institute

Industrial designer, specialist in Bionics in the Brazilian Laboratory of Industrial Design and in the Masters program of Engineering of Products for the Federal University of Santa Catarina. He was designer and researcher in the Brazilian Laboratory of Industrial Design in Florianopolis. He was also coordinator of Industrial Design in the National Secretariat of Design and Architecture and director prodesigner – School of Visual Communication and Design, in Venezuela. What’s more, he was a founder fellow of Metaplug, a design studio, and coeditor of Objetual, a web page about design. He coordinated the Team Design of Devices in Museums for the Andean Amazonian flag in Japan, Aichi 2005. He has been director of Design for several projects of products and objects, and guest professor in national and international universities. Nowadays, Urbina is developing independent projects, he is editor of www.di-conexiones.com, and associated professor to the Department of Industrial Design in the Pratt Institute, New York.


Pratt Institute

Founded in 1887, the Pratt Institute is a global leader in the area of higher studies dedicated to the preparation of 4 700 students in pre-degree and post-degree for a successful career in arts, design, architecture, information and library science, liberal arts and sciences. Located in the cultural center with historical networks from Brooklyn to Manhattan, Pratt is an energetic laboratory of “doing” and creativity, with an educational team composed by academic professionals who defy students with talent to transform their passion into expressions with sense. Under the leadership of President Thomas F. Schutte, the study plans and the reputation of its four professional schools, which include programs offering certification to 22 pre-degrees and 25 post-degrees, are famous around the world and are among the highest rankings in first level, including World Report, Princeton Review and Design Intelligence.


Reflections of Ignacio Urbina as Scientific Comitee