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The time factor in participatory and inclusive design projects

The “Time” factor is one of the biggest obstacles that face the designers in the projects that involve and include users and that constitute multidisciplinary teams. Most of the time, they look away from the planning originally defined. Time depends on participation, interaction and communicational availability of all participants in the process. But how can we exploit this temporal extension? Is it necessary to “lose” this time for the project and the design to win?

Lígia Lopes will make a presentation based on her projective experience in participative design at the level of the projects of the association “Design Includes You”, as well as in academic projects that she coordinated and orientated. In this perspective, she will compare and reflect on other examples, from her or other designers’ experiences, comparing expectative and results and showing the “mark” that these approaches let on the “object”, on the designer and the user.

Ligia Lopes
University of Minho, Portugal 


Graduate in industrial design and doctorate in Design for the faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon, Ligia Lopes has been visiting professor of the Deca – University of Aveiro – and the University Lusíada of Oporto in the Design graduate. She has worked the theme “Architecture, Urban Space and Universal Design” as researcher of the CITAD (Research Center in Territory, Architecture and Design) – Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon. She is cofounder of the Association Design Includes You. Currently she is  invited as a professor at the University of Minho.

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