Marina Arespacochaga

Superior School of Design of Madrid,
Madrid, Spain

Professor of Plastic Arts and Design. Head of Art Department in School Artediez of Madrid, 2007-2012. Adviser in the realization of professional qualifications of the family of Graphic Arts, INCULA, Ministry of Education, 2010-2011. Coordinator of Days of Illustration Ilustradiez 2009. Technical adviser and professor in the General Division of Artistic Educations of the Department of Education, 1988-1991. Painter, editor and graphic designer.

Superior School of Design of Madrid. ESDmadrid

It is a recent public school for higher studies in Design, loacted in Madrid. It offers Degree and Post-degree courses placed in the European Space of Higher Studies established by the Plan Bologna.

The program of ESDmadrid is focused on giving answers to the interdisciplinary character that nowadays design has. It offers a culture of opened and multifaceted design, and also particularities of the specialties that constitute Graphic design, Interiors design, Fashion design an Product Design.

Nowadays, when “design thinking” is used in order to solve complex global problems, ESDmadrid brings new approaches to the learning of design.

The multidisciplinary and versatile approach of our educational system favors the configuration of singular professional profiles.

The goal of ESDmadrid is not only to satisfy the demands of a constantly changing society , but also to anticipate the possible challenges of establishing future research programs and diversifying the connections in multiple levels.

Reflections of Marina Arespacochaga as Scientific Comitee