Óscar Pamio

San José of Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Oscar Pamio is an architect and designer, graduate of the University “La Sapienza” en Roma, Italia. He gained extensive and international professional experience as an advisor in Design in the Italian programs of Cooperation as well as a consultant in projects of the European Union and the United Nations for the development of the capacities of Design in the diverse countries of South East Asia, the Mediterranean and Latin America. In Costa Rica, he was the founder and director of the Course of Industrial Design of the Technical Institute of Costa Rica and later, of the School of Products Design in the University Veritas, where he directed it from its opening in 2002, until 2010. Currently, he is the Academic Dean of the University Veritas. He also earned a PhD in Teaching at the University “La Salle”. He is member of the advisory committee of the Iberoamerican Design Bienal. In parallel with his academic activities, he works freelance.