Óscar Salinas

Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Mexico DF, Mexico

Oscar Salinas is devoted to professional practice, teaching, academic management and research, and he currently directs the Graduate program in Industrial Design in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He was the director and founder of the School of Industrial and Graphic Designers of Mexico, secretary of the Latin-American Association of Industrial Design and vice-president of the Mexican Academy of Design. He is a founder, and has been a member since 1994, of the interagency committees for the Evaluation of Higher Education in México (CIEES), in the field of Architecture and Design.

Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico

The Bachelor in Industrial Design was started in January of 1969, as a creative discipline (as a project) that contributes directly in the development of object-product destined to be manufactured industrially. It is specialized in the manufacturing of the objects by the domain of the aesthetic and the ergonomic aspects that also participate in the definition and the development of their functional productive factors.

Reflections of Óscar Salinas as Scientific Comitee