Rodolfo Capeto

Esdi (Superior School of Industrial Design)
Río de Janeiro, Brasil

Rodolfo Capeto is a designer, graduate from Esdi (Superior School of Industrial Design, Rio de Janeiro), a pioneering institution in the teaching of design in Brazil, where he has taught since 1992. His main fields of interest and expertise are typography, design of typography and design of information, but his work has crossed different fields. He was one of the pioneers in the use of digital processes in visual design in Brazil, as he developed in 1982 a format of source vectorial, among other results. In 2001, the project of creation of a new family of typography for the Houaiss dictionary, the most important of the Portuguese language was a significant professional challenge. He coordinated the realization of the book 5 years in Esdi (2010), and he is the author of its principal text. Since 2008, he has been the director of Esdi.

Esdi (Superior School of Industrial Design)

Created in 1962 and functioning since 2013, the Esdi (Superior School of Industrial Design) has been teaching and developing design in Brazil for 50 years. As the first official education institution for design in the country, it served as an initial model for the other schools that followed, helping to establish some of the parameters that defined the field of this profession in Brazil.

Founded by teachers of the HfG-Ulm (Hochschule für Gestaltung,School of design in Germany), with the collaborators that were already acting in Brazil, it had its initial curriculum influenced by the parameters of this German school that was an important reference for the concept of modern design, coherent with the period of democratic reconstruction of the country in these years and its expansionist project . Over the years, its pedagogy evolved with the social, technological and cultural transformations of the country, with the intention of determining resolutely its position in Brazilian design.