Gabriel Barrero

Pontifical University Javeriana
Bogotá, Colombia

Industrial designer specialized in Production and Productivity, master in Design of Processes of Innovation, his careerpath has centred on the areas of research and design teaching. He has participated in 17 research projects, 16 design projects and in product development, such as the design process and construction of 13 maritime and fluvial crafts. Professionally, he stands out for having been a member of the team that created the Corporation of Sciences and Technologies for the Development of Naval, Maritime and Fluvial Industry – COTECMAR. What’s more, for 6 years, he has been its director of Sciences and Technologies. Nowadays, he is director of the Industrial Design program in Pontifical University Javeriana, where he leads Product Design projects and imparts the Project Management of Innovation course in pre-degree and post-degree programs.

University of San Buenaventura

This university centres on teaching, research, and service with excellence. It is integrated to a country of regions, with global perspective and interdisciplinary, and it offers integral formation for students to stand out for high human, ethical, academic, professional quality and for social responsibility, creation and development of knowledge and culture in a critical and innovative perspective, for the achievement of a just, sustainable, enclosing, democratic, respectful society of human dignity. The undergraduate program of Industrial design in the Pontifical University Javeriana is an official program famous for its education design model and for focusing on the training of professionals on four key areas of product design: Innovation based on Design, entrepreneurship based on Design, Design for social transformation, and Design for a sustainable life.

Reflections of Gabriel Barrero Tapias as Scientific Comitee